Friday, February 20, 2015

Parked Car Hit Near St. Bridgett's Church Last Saturday

The Laurelhurst Blog Staff received this email:

We live across from the entrance to St. Bridget’s church on 49th Avenue NE and NE 50th Street.  Drivers heading down the hill from NE 50th Street and 50th  Avenue NE (entrance to Villa Academy) drive too fast and can't make the left turn onto NE 49th Street without hitting our parked car.
On Valentine's Day our Volvo’s front right door was hit and the mirror also ripped off, while it was parked in front of our home.   This is the second time in under 6 months that a car parked in front of our home has been hit from people driving too fast around this corner and not paying attention to parked cars and there is no reason why this should continue to happen. No one stopped to leave a note.  
If you or your child did this, out of the kindness of your heart, please let us know.  I am your concerned neighbor and one that prefers not to have to call our insurance company when I was simply on my way to church last Sunday morning.  
Unfortunately our corner always get trouble.  Every few years one of our cars gets “keyed” – new paint on driver’s door 3x for my van.   
I even had a woman pass by while I was sitting in my parked car in the same spot, and she hit my mirror last spring.  I saw her pull to the right ahead of me, so thought she was stopping – so I got out of my car to go talk to her, since she hit me while trying to pass a school bus going the opposite direction instead of waiting.  But alas, she took off driving after getting around the bus and I couldn’t chase her down on foot, or get her license number.  Really thought she would do the right thing.  I had to repair my mirror and she even saw me in the car.  Crazy.

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