Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Laurelhurst Elementary School Cars Reguarly Violating Parking Laws On West Side Of 46th Avenue NE


Sign facing south on 46th Avenue NE

Cars parking along west side of 46th Avenue NE

 Cars parking along west side of 46th Avenue NE

Looking south at multiple cars parked
along west side of 46th Avenue NE

Despite "No Parking" signs on the west side of 46th Avenue NE, directly across the street from Laurelhurst Elementary School, cars still park up and down the street, sometimes for long periods of time, while going into the School. 

Many many years ago residents along that street worked with the City to have parking allowed only on one side due to the narrowness of the street. With cars parked on both sides, it is very hard for fire trucks, large vehicles and even cars to safely move up and down the street when both sides have parked cars.

Every morning and afternoon when school starts and lets out, multiple cars park along the street's west side waiting for their children to come out of school, sometimes with drivers waiting in the cars, but usually no one in the car.

Most of the vehicles usually park north, facing the opposite direction of the traffic going south, as the City calls  "Wrong side parking" which is a $47 infraction.

The City Municipal code says:
11.72.470 - Wrong side parking. 
No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle on that portion of any street or alley lawfully set aside for the parking of vehicles or movement of traffic in the direction opposite to that which the parked vehicle faces               
One resident said he recently asked a parking violator to move her car and the woman started "screaming" at him and refused to move her car. When others are asked to move they say it will only be a minute, though not even any time is allowed, just as on any City street where there is a "No Parking" sign.

The City of Seattle Municipal Code states:
11.72.330 - Posted signs.    
No person shall:
A.Stop, stand or park a vehicle at any place or time where official signs prohibit stopping;
B.Stand or park a vehicle at any place or time where official signs prohibit standing; or
C.Park a vehicle at any place or time where official signs prohibit parking.
According to the City's Municipal Code the parking infraction charge is $47.
In addition, driver often use the fire lane as a loading/unloading zone or even as a parking spot.  One parent was seen doing this and she said "I'll only be a minute!" However if there was an emergency at the school, where would the firetruck and ambulance park? 
The City code states about this:
11.72.185 - Fire Lane states "No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle within any fire lane" and this infraction is also $47.
Cars also often block resident's driveways so that they cannot pull of out of their driveways and are unable to find the driver.

The City corresponding code states:
11.72.025 - Alley—Driveway.                                                                                                                               
No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle within an alley in such a position as to block the driveway entrance to any abutting property. (RCW 46.90.433(2))
Laurelhurst Elementary School says in their newsletter:
·         Do not stop or park on the west side of 46th Ave NE across from the school (except where legal parking down by the church), so traffic can flow northward, around vehicles loading.

·         Do not block neighbors’ driveways (either loading or parking)


To submit a parking enforcement service request go here or call the Parking enforcement mail line at 386-9012.

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Anonymous said...

Parents...follow the law. it's a teaching moment. however, this lack of parking is another reason we do not need 4 more portables on school grounds. Where will people park? Oh...that's right. get rid of cars in Seattle, then problem solved.