Thursday, January 15, 2015

Car Break-In And Other Suspicious Activity Near Center For Urban Horticulture

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information.

On Monday, January 12th, I was walking around the Center for Urban Horticulture (3501 NE 41st Street), near the garbage can area.  UW police were patching a broken back window in a woman's SUV that she had parked in a stall next to the rubbish bin area. 
Someone broke the window and took her laptop and books.She left her car there from 11-2pm.I arrived on the scene as the UW police were taping cardboard to her back window. 

Police said to always call on anything suspicious and they had been called to many in our area. I am sure there is a report as police were there.

Also 2 weeks ago very early in the morning, I tried to get a photo of a young man who seemed to be snooping around the Center for Urban Horticulture buildings and the UW garden area to send to the Police. The police said to be careful about that because of obvious risk.  But I pretended to be taking photo of my dog but the guy  ran off.

Additionally, in the fall, two young men tied up their rented canoe to my neighbors bulkhead and came on my property jumping on a very weak bridge and kicking off a wooden barrier I had built.  They came onto my dock until I ran out and and got the number of the canoe they had rented.  I called the UW canoe office and reported this. I didn't call campus police, but after talking to the campus police on Sunday, I will call in the future to report anything.




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