Thursday, November 6, 2014

Suspicious Person Seen On 51st Avenue NE Last Week

The Laurelhurst Blog received this email:
I live on the 4100 block of 51st Avenue NE.  At midnight on 10/27 we heard someone's voice outside our bedroom window in our driveway. My husband went outside and shined a flashlight on a guy in his 30's with a dark hat or bandana on his head.  

He grabbed a bike that was on the ground and rode up NE 42nd Street. I dialed 911 because he was trespassing by being in our driveway and this was suspicious behavior.  
The operator told me it wasn't against the law to be talking outside and that I needed to explain the trespassing and some of the recent incidents in our neighborhood. I explained to her there were previous incidents because she was being dismissive to the situation I had to point out that there have been recent incidents in Laurelhurst that had a similar situation that had been written in the Laurelhurst neighborhood blog.  
She finally agreed to dispatch an officer and offered to have them stop by our home to report their findings which an hour later (1:00am.)  By the time the officers arrived they found nobody in the area. We have no idea the intent of this individual but feel these incidences need to be reported to Seattle Police Department.   
Previous incidents reported in the Laurelhurst Blog are why we  were concerned and called 911. One of my neighbors was told by Seattle PD that if we want more police patrols in our neighborhood we need to report these incidences as they occur. 


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