Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Subscribe Now to Neighborhood Private Security Patrol

This was published in the most recent Laurelhurst Community Club newsletter:

Subscribe Now to LCC’s Private Security Patrol
A reminder notice about sign up will arrive in mailboxes soon. The patrol’s success depends on neighbor participation — the more families who subscribe, the more coverage the patrol can offer. Over the past six years, LCC has had very positive response to this program to deter the increasing number of burglaries, car prowls, auto thefts, and vandalism in Laurelhurst. Coverage is planned for six days/nights a week, but hours will vary depending on funding contributed.
The annual cost per family is $200 for the period ending December 31, 2015. Neighborhood institutions such as schools, churches, etc. are encouraged to participate, too, and can contact LCC for cost details.  
Sign up now to ensure coverage during the holidays. This is what your family receives in return for your participation: Uniformed, off-duty Seattle Police officers patrol the neighborhood approximately six nights/days a week for five hours each shift. Officers are in uniform, carry police radios and their police firearms, and drive unmarked personal vehicles. They monitor incoming 911 calls and will respond to any Laurelhurst calls if on patrol and work with the official response from the on-duty police officers.  Vacation check.  
You can notify of your vacation plans and officers will do a walk around of your premises during each shift to secure open doors, packages, or remove door tags.  
Mail LCC’s crime prevention team,, to request vacation checks or to report any criminal activity (after you have called 911), neighborhood concerns, etc.  
To participate, please either use LCC’s secure online payment option (preferred) at, or send your $200 check payable to LCC to the PO Box listed on the back of the newsletter. If you pay by check, please be sure to include your name, address, email, and emergency contact information.  
If you have questions about the LCC Private Security Patrol, please contact Brian McMullen, Crime Prevention co-chair, at 206-367-9325, or email 

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