Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sand Point Grill Employee Held At Gun Point Last Month

This incident, which happened on October 19, was reported on KIROTV:

Man Wrestles Gun Away From Teen Robbers

By Joanna Small 
On Saturday night in the Sand Point neighborhood, a Seattle man was robbed at gunpoint by two teens - but he ended up with the gun. Seattle police said the victim fought back.
The incident outside the Sand Point Grill surprised owner Kristina Bartleson, but how her employee responded didn't surprise her at all. 
"They were a couple of punk kids doing stupid stuff and he’s a dad, and he wasn't going to stand for it. He wasn't going to be a victim,” Bartleson said outside of her business Sunday morning. 
After he left his job at the restaurant around 10 p.m., the man was waiting for his ride near a gazebo about half a block away, when two teens demanded money and stuck a gun in his face. 
The grill owner said her employee didn't have any money to give, so the teens took his take-out food. Afterward, the man managed to grab the gun, and the teens took off running. The man returned to the grill and Bartleson called 911. Police arrived, and after they searched the area, they found and arrested the teens. 
Business owners in Sand Point, including Bartleson, told us they’d been robbed before. 
“They usually throw bricks through the windows,” she said. 
The man who owns the jewelry store next door to Sand Point Grill had even been held up at gunpoint, but people in the neighborhood said an attack on the street is almost unheard of. Those interviewed didn’t know if they'd have the gall to fight back. 
I probably would have just conceded to whatever they needed,” Suzy Busilacchi said. 
"I'd have to just listen to my gut,” said Lori Prescott, who spends a lot of her time in Sand Point. 
Bartleson said in this case it was a cool head that saved her employee. 
"They weren't in their right heads and he was lucky,” she said. 
The 17 and 19-year-old suspects were arrested on suspicion of robbery. Police said the weapon turned out to be a very realistic pellet gun.

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