Monday, November 24, 2014

Graffiti at Laurelhurst Elementary South Playground On Pavement



Several readers have emailed the Blog Staff about several recent graffiti marks on the South Playground of Laurelhurst Elementary School.

The markings include a clear drawing of a fish, another drawing and some letter markings, about four in total.

They were mostly like made sometime  between late Saturday night and Sunday about noon, a reader told us, as he was there Saturday afternoon and they were not there.

One reader tried to remove them, but said they don't come off. He added, "The playground was graffitied while it was raining, so fortunately some of the markings are partial as they didn't adhere to the pavement."

The Seattle Police Department website says:
Graffiti is any marking placed on public or private property without the owner's permission. Stickers are also illegal.
If the graffiti is on your property or business the graffiti nusiance ordinance requires that you remove or have it removed in a timely manner.

Go here for more information.

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Anonymous said...

Use the City of Seattle's "Find It, Fix It" app to report such Graffiti. It works great and they fix it fast.