Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Former Microsoft Employee Opening Cell Phone Repair Store Soon And Applications Being Accepted For Techs


A former 20 year Microsoft employee, David Pankowski, is opening the first franchise in the Pacific Northwest of the national network of Cell Phone Repair stores found nationally as well as in Canada.

David is planning to open the second week of December in Laurelhurst (3544 NE 45th Street), and his store will offer cell phone, IPad and computer repair, as well as the buying and exchanging of cell phones, that will be refurbished. He will also sell cell phone accessories, adapters and cases.

All repairs will be done on-site as "people have data they don't want to let go of" David told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff, adding that a lot of repairs can be done in less than an hour.

David is currently hiring 2 full-time and 2 part-time cell phone technicians. He said that he will offer training to those who are hired and are "astute mechanically" and who already work on computers. He said candidates could also be current UW students.

David left Microsoft earlier this year with the intent of opening his own business, though at the time he didn't know what that would be. After doing a lot of research he was drawn to Cell Phone Repair because of their franchise model including their inventory and point of sales sytem.

David is currently the President and CEO of Lattis Development, "a privately held corporation serving as a catalyst for bringing new businesses and concepts to the Puget Sound region." 

Their website goes on to say:

It is a fact that today's economy is driven by small businesses with our regional economic future being fueled by a diversity of startup endeavours and creative innovation that grows to be the next big thing.
While many businesses do, imagine the positive impact to the region when the majority of those businesses commit to greater good of the communities that support them, the people who work in them, where their goal is to exceed the overall value provided to the end customer. Lattis Development supports those very tenants and believes that business success is fostered in the delivery of those goals.

 We are committed to businesses that support the following:
(1) Provide greater benefit to the community.
(2) Create socially responsible relationships between businesses, employees and customers.
(3) Serve to promote "green" technologies - embracing traditional skills in a modern economy.

Cell Phone Repair or "CPR" provides both a green service to the community while serving to support local hands-on skills for troubleshooting and repairing technologies that were manufactured overseas.  
David's Bio says:
David Pankowski is a 20-year software and services veteran who previously held key leadership roles within Microsoft. David’s underlying passion and expertise has been on continual improvement strategies, and creating efficiencies that yield higher on-going business value. David has a bachelors degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from the University of Washington.  

David lives in Leschi but he and his wife both went to the UW and lived in Student housing on Sand Pont Way and are very familiar with the area and were exited that a space opened up in his old neighborhood. David said he wanted to be by the University Village, but not in it, so the location in Laurelhurst was a perfect space.

To submit a resume contact David at 206-979-4410 or david@lattisdevelopment.com.

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