Friday, November 7, 2014

Don't Miss Special Neighborhood Monday Meeting To Hear Plans, Answer Questions On How Plans For New SR520 Bridge Will Affect Laurelhurst

Colleen McAleer, Laurelhurst Community Club Board member, invites the neighborhood to a special meeting Monday evening at 7pm, just for Laurelhurst residents to talk with the State of Washington engineers to see the SR520 plans, traffic routes, and get questions answered. The meeting will take place at the Laurelhurst Community Center.

Collen told the Blog staff:

This projects affects everyone in the neighborhood for the next 4 years with construction and access to SR520 and through to I-5. Many folks have questions and comments that can be addressed at the meeting.  The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) has been active in the Replacement of the SR520 Bridge and working with adjacent neighborhoods who share their concerns.

Here is the information: 

Do you want to know more about the new SR520 Replacement Bridge?
Please attend an information, and question and answer session just for our neighborhood with WA State Department of Transportation Head Engineer,  Brian Dobbin, for SR520 West Approach Bridge North. 
Laurelhurst and all Seattle residents will be permanently impacted by the new routes and wider footprint of "the bridge". 
Please come and bring up questions such as: 
-Will the new bridge fix the back up from I -5 exiting at  Montlake Boulevard?  It is now all so congested.  
-Will it take longer exiting from Bellevue with sharing the northbound off ramps with southbound vehicles? 
- Will the new bridge deck be quieter? It is so noisy! 
-What access is planned for bicyclists and pedestrians? 
-How long will construction take? 
-What does the new bridge lighting look like? 
-How long will the construction bridges be sitting there? 
-What about pollution and disturbances of wildlife and water quality in Union Bay?  
-What mitigation is required of the contractor for the WABN, and how will it be enforced?

For more information go here or contact Colleen at 

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Mike Cochran said...

Many many folks who end up in the Montlake Exit crawl from Eastbound 520 off I-5 have driven from Bellevue to Seattle via toll free I-90. Its the same bunched up jumble of cars where I-90 merges with No. bound I-5. The state should test a sample period with the same toll 24/7 on 520 at a reasonable $2.50 each way. The increased use may well offset revenue concerns and relieve the extremes we now see during commutes.