Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Neighbor Sees Suspicious People With Flashlights And Big Bags Looking For Items To Steal

The Laurelhurst Blog received this email:

I wanted to pass along some information that other neighbors might want to know.
Early Saturday morning, October 18, around 3:45am I returned home from work and happened to stay in my parked car with the ignition and lights off near the corner of NE 40th Street and 48th Avenue NE to finish listening to the news. 
I was very surprised to see two African American women dressed in all black in their late twenties carrying several large duffle bags walking up west on NE 40th Street toward 48th Avenue NE.    
The women were walking on either side of parked cars, one walking in the street, the other on the sidewalk.   As they passed cars one used a small flashlight systematically inspecting each car.  As the other passed houses she shined lights down driveways, at garages and between alleys. 
They were very surprised when they shined a light in my car to see me!   They quickly moved west on NE 40th Street, turned the corner onto 48th Avenue NE and got into a car and sped away. 
It was very disturbing as they seemed very organized, systematic and had clearly made off with quite a lot of our neighbors personal items judging by the size of the filled bags.

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Anonymous said...

My husband's truck was gone through that day as well. I assume you called the police. Was there a report filed that we can add to? Thank you!