Thursday, October 2, 2014

Laurelhurst Resident's Film "Game Show Dynamos" Documenting Parents Many Game Show Wins Showing Saturday

Patricia Boiko, a long time Laurelhurst resident, would like to share that a film she produced and directed called "Game Show Dynamos" which features herself and her husband, Karl Weyrauch, a former LCC Trustee, and her mom, Claire Boiko.

The film is a true story about how in the 1950s Patricia's father, Bernard, had just returned from fighting in the Korean War and were in debt.

"My parents owed the milk man, the grocery man, the gas station and there were doctor bills to pay so they decided to go on game shows to get out of debt," Patricia told us.

"They  won enough money on TV game shows to escape debt and follow their dreams. From Tic-Tac-Dough in 1956 to Jeopardy in 1967 to Trivial Pursuit in 1993, as well as Match Game and Headline Chasers, they competed on national television 28 times -- probably the longest-running record of individual TV game show appearances by husband and wife in the world." Patricia said.

Patricia told us that Karl has an appearance in the film because he was on a game show in the 1970's and Claire is the star of the documentary. 

The film will be showing on Saturday at 3pm at the Central Cinema (1411 21st Avenue).

Seventy-four time Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings will be hosting the event and also featured will be favorite moments in game show history.

Patricia is a documentary filmmaker and has produced documentaries featured on KCTS as well as nationally and internationally.

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