Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Laurelhurst Mom And Artist Opens Holiday Pop Up Art Workshop Offering All-Ages Classes

Tiffany Jay, owner of Squirrelly Workshop

A Laurelhurst Blog reader wanted to share with the community that a long time mother of three at Laurelhurst Elementary, Tiffany Jay, has recently opened a holiday pop-up art studio, Squirrelly Workshop (2900 D NE Blakeley Street). 

The Blog reader said:
Tiffany Jay is an artist and art lover and has been an advocate of art programs at Laurelhurst Elementary for years.  Her pop up will include classes taught by familiar faces at Laurelhurst Elementary, including the beloved art teacher, Kim Newell.  
Tiffany gave the Blog Staff some background about herself:

Although I went into banking after graduating, I kept up my interest in art as a docent at the Seattle Art Museum, mainly giving tours to school groups.  Once I had my own kids, my love for children's art grew, big thanks to my kids' inventive and artful preschool teacher.  I think children's art is such a gift, in so many ways, and I began having fun fostering that more at home, and even borrowing friends' children to try new projects.   
About seven years ago, I got organized and started teaching art and gift making classes to children, both in my home and at the Laurelhurst Community Center - everything from bookmaking to mural painting, to soap making and cake decorating. Kids are amazing artists, and I love having the job of putting a project and supplies in front of them.
After several years of having great fun creating with kids in my home, I thought it would be fun to find a space outside of my home - both to spare my family from having artwork drying on the dining room table and paint brushes in the sink, and to just expand the fun to a greater community and more artists.   
Because gift making is my biggest focus, I was on the look out for a space available for the holiday season.  I found the space on Blakely, and it feels like a great location!  Conveniently located, and just the right size.  With the support and encouragement and partnership of several other artists, we came up with Squirrelly, and now here it is!   
We are offering a huge variety of art and crafting classes during the week, for preschoolers to adults.  Most of the classes I teach are gift making classes (including jewelry making, collage, marbling, and more.)  Some of our other wonderful classes include ceramics (classes for little ones and adults), sewing stuffed animals, painting necklace charms, cupcake decorating, and special oil and acrylic painting workshops for kids and adults.   
Please visit our website for a list of all the classes and descriptions, and to register for classes

Her website says:
Squirrelly is a Pop-Up creative space on Blakeley Street (behind University Village) where kids and adults learn new artforms and make unique and amazing gifts.  Classes range from ceramics to collage, mosaics to marbling, block printing to jewelry making and more.  The Pop-Up part means we're open just through the end of the year, so hurry and register for classes now!  Register online or come visit us at the studio.  Squirrelly is open for scheduled classes, plus Tuesday-Friday, 12-6pm and Saturday 10am-6pm.
Go here for more information about Squirrelly Art Studio + Gift Workshop or call 206-491-9965.


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