Monday, September 22, 2014

Suspicious Person Seen On 55th Avene NE, And Two Drunk People Potentially On Stolen Red/Orange Dirt Bike

We received this email referring to potentially the same person reported on September 16th with the title "Neighbor Reports 'Shifty Character' in the Neighborhood:"

Pretty sure I saw the suspicious bicycle-riding young man on Friday, 9/19, just before 6:30am. He had on a dark hoody, jeans, and baseball cap. He didn't look like a commuter. He was riding leisurely along 55th Avenue NE, one hand on the handlebars, looking at houses.
I also wanted to add that if you are missing a red/orange dirt bike, two loud, inebriated young men, who took tremendous offense at me sushing them, were riding it northbound on the 55th Avenue NE sidewalk the same morning about 4:15am.

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