Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Register Now For Adult Community Center Classes

Registration is underway for a wide variety of Fall adult classes and programs offered at the Laurelhurst Community Center.

Register online, in-person at the Community Center Monday through Friday 9-2pm or by calling 684-7529.

The Fall 2014 Parks and Recreation Brochure lists all classes and programs at Laurelhurst, Magnuson and Ravenna-Eckstein Community Centers.

Here are the upcoming adult classes and programs at Laurelhurst Community Center:
Ages 18 and older
Several clay projects will be introduced using both handbuilding and throwing on the wheel echniques. Practice your skills making clay objects while learning how to make tiles, cups,
bowls, and more in a fun and informative setting. Instructor: Liang-Yin Chen
#121284 9/15-11/17 Mon 6:30-8:30 pm $250

Ages 18 and older
This course features light weights and isometrics and is easy on the joints. Each class consists of exercises done at the barre and on the floor and incorporates Pilates, yoga, weights, stretching,
and intense muscle work to fatigue. All levels welcome. Instructor: Laura Martin
No class 11/11 or 11/27.
#121291 9/8-12/15 Mon 5:30-6:30 pm $225
#121293 9/2-12/16 Tue 10:30-11:30 am $225
#121294 9/4-12/18 Thu 9:30-10:30 am $225

Ages 18 and older
The class includes upper and lower body exercises and balance techniques. Participants must have taken beginner class to register for intermediate/ advanced class. Instructor: Laura Martin.
No class 11/11
#121300 9/2-12/16 Tue 9:30-10:30 am $225

Ages 18 and older
Pilates with more variations and a faster pace. Participants will use magic circle, bands, and light weights. Instructor: Laura Martin
No class 11/27
#121305 9/4-12/18 Thu 10:30-11:30 am $225

Ages 16 and older
Considered to be the most comprehensive of all the yogas, Kundalini Yoga incorporates the use of breath, movement, meditation, and deep relaxation. It is a practical tool for everyday people. Kundalini Yoga is not posture based; therefore, it's accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or body type. It's powerful, efficient, and effective. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient, time proven technology for human transformation, helping people live their lives with greater meaning and joy.
Instructor: Marilyn Smith
#123318 9/17-10/29 Wed 5:30-7 pm $70
#123319 11/5-12/17 Wed 5:30-7 pm $70

Ages 18 and older
We lose muscle and bone density as we age. Reset your metabolism, gain muscle and bone mass with this interval workout. Body weight exercises, weights, bands, and gliders all work you to regain lost strength. A class for any level but will have knee bending (which can be modified). Instructor: Laura Martin
No class 11/28
#121297 9/5-12/19 Fri 9:30-10:30 am $225

Ages 16 and older
Come and learn this "internal" Chinese martial art (Beginning Yang style short form) which promotes health by reducing bodily tension and stress, improves balance and coordination, increases joint flexibility and calms the mind.
Instructor: Mark Johnson
BEGINNER #121374 9/10-10/29 Wed 6-7 pm $88
 #121375 11/5-12/17 Wed 6-7 pm $77
INTERMEDIATE #121377 9/10-10/29 Wed 7-8 pm $88
 #121379 11/5-12/17 Wed 7-8 pm $77

Ages 5-12
Private piano lessons are 30 minutes long and offered to ages 5-12. However, students who are already established with the instructor may continue beyond age 12. Lessons are taught with
child-friendly methods that explore compositional development and theoretical analogies along with basic techniques and exercises. The instructor holds a Master’s in Music Composition and has taught piano for more than 12 years. Instructor: Darna Bedwell
#121348 9/15-12/15 Mon 3-8 pm $350
#121349 9/17-12/17 Wed 3-8 pm $35

Ages 50 and older
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Pick up latest book at Laurelhurst Community Center. Class meets 9/17, 10/15, 11/19, and 12/17. Book Club Leader: Sally Draper
#121325 9/17-12/17 Wed 1-2 pm

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