Monday, September 29, 2014

Possible Suspicious Person Near Laurelhurst Elementary School

The Laurelhurst Blog Staff received this email:

About the same time as
'Shifty" was observed last Friday morning, September 19,  young woman on foot southbound on the 4700 block of 47th Avenue NE walked right up to my car,and giving the appearance of an high school student, walked right up to my car, looked intently inside, then continued down the street looking inside every vehicle and scanning every front yard and porch.  My sense was that she wasn't acting alone. 
She was approaching NE 47th Street.  She has black hair, thin build, about 5' 7", mixed racial heritage. 
I'm not sure if she had a bad intent.  It's possible that she is an actual student, early for the bus.  But her behavior was very odd, though not illegal

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