Monday, August 4, 2014

Apply Now For Free Trees


 4500 block of 46th Avenue NE lined with City's free trees

The City of Seattle’s annual Trees for Neighborhoods  program begins accepting applications today through a program called Seattle reLeaf, which offers free trees to Seattle residents.  Each year the program gives away thousands of trees to Seattle residents to plant in their yards and parking strips.

Many streets in Laurelhurst, including the 4500 block of 46th Avenue NE, have participated in the program and have their street lined with beautiful trees. 

This year the tree pickup is located very close to Laurelhurst  at the Center for Urban Horticulture (3501 NE 41st Street).   

Seattle reLeaf’s Trees for Neighborhoods program participants can receive up to four trees, including fruit trees, evergreen trees, street trees, as well as free watering bags for each tree, training on proper tree planting and maintenance, and  informative workshop opportunities on topics like young tree pruning.  

Applications are now being accepted for thirteen tree species, including Galaxy Magnolia, Tall Stewartia, Emerald Sunshine Elm, Mountain Hemlock, and June Snow Dogwood.  Here is the complete tree list.

Applications for street trees are due September 1st and for yard trees on October 11th.  Residents are urged to apply early as many species are claimed quickly. Trees can be picked up between October 19th or November 3rd.

The website information says:
Urban trees are important for cleaning our water and air, storing carbon, and building community. Trees also calm traffic, making our streets friendly to walk and bike. Larger trees provide the greatest benefits to neighborhoods and our environment because they absorb more storm water, breathe in more carbon dioxide, and breathe out more oxygen than smaller trees.  
Through the City of Seattle’s Trees for Neighborhoods program, Seattle residents have planted over 4,000 trees since 2009. That’s 4,300 more trees that help clean our air and water, make our streets more walkable, and our neighborhoods safer and healthier. Join the movement this year—plant a tree and help grow Seattle’s urban forest!
Residents who participate also receive free watering bags, training on proper tree planting and care, and workshop opportunities. This year, the program is offering 12 tree species ranging from large native conifers to small deciduous trees appropriate for planting under power lines and along the street. Check out the complete list and see photos here.

Go here for more information, email or call (206) 615-1668.  

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