Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Out Of Control Sprinklers" On Mary Gates Drive Get Drivers And Pedestrians Wet

Geyser-like sprinkler on Mary Gates Drive and NE 41st Street
last night
another view of same sprinkler

We received this email yesterday about several sprinklers on the median and sides of Mary Gates Drive, near the UW Student Family Housing and across from the Center of Urban Horticulture, that seem to be malfunctioning:

I don't know who's paying for this but the sprinklers have been going on every evening, right when people are coming home from work.  
One driver was in a convertible with the top down driving right through the sprinkler showering him with water that was shooting water straight up covering the busy street. Others out for a walk were trying to figure out how to get around the large water spray.
As you can see from the picture I snapped that there is also a faulty one with water, literally, going down the drain. Entertaining for the kids but such a waste of water.

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