Monday, June 30, 2014

New Portable For Laurelhurst Elementary School Has Arrived

 signs along 46th Avenue NE in front of school

  signs along 46th Avenue NE in front of school

 new portable

  signs along NE 47th Street


On Saturday afternoon, a large truck bringing a portable in two sections drove north down 46th Avenue NE then east on NE 47th Street to place the portable in its permanent location on the North playground.

Both 46th Avenue NE and NE 47th Street around the school were covered in No Parking signs two days before to get ready for the wide load without the worry of any parked cars.

Some neighbors and school children were heard commenting about why the portable was put right in the highly used kickball/soccer area and not in a four square court right beside the Laser portable, since there are already several four square courts.

One student said "I can't believe it was put in our soccer field, where so many of us play. Now what will we do?"

The school said in a recent newsletter:

Due to enrollment increases district-wide, many schools will be receiving new portables this summer, including Laurelhurst.  
Our new portable will be located on the north playground, along the east fence, just north of the LASER Rad Rascal portable.

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JB said...

It's in a terrible location for children and neighbors. Very much an eyesore.