Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Long Time Laurelhurst Resident And Dialysis Patient In Need Of Car For Medical Appointments

Charda and her dog, Ginger

Charda Hastings, a long-time Laurelhurst resident, who we profiled in April detailing her hard life with medical challenges being on dialysis and waiting for a kidney transplant, has taken a turn for the worse several acquaintances of hers told us. She is in need of a car to get to her doctor's appointments

"Charda, who has been on dialysis for 10 years but is now giving up to die in hospice because she has no car, cannot get her Group Health doctor to okay Metro Access to pick her up for her dialysis appointments.  We need to help Charda right away," Beverly Hawkins wrote to the Blog Staff

Beverly continued:
Last year when I was going back to work part time,  I met a lady on the bus named Leah.  She told me about her friend Charda, who was on dialysis and waiting for a kidney transplant.   
Charda needed help and support to pay for expenses while waiting for a kidney.  I wrote a check for 25$ and gave it to Leah to give to Charda.  I have since communicated with Charda through email, when she was up for a kidney and needed round the clock care.   
Sadly, that fell through.  Now I am asking you for your prayers.  Please read Charda's words below.  If you know of anything - agency, person, support group that can help please contact me at oneracehuman@gmail.com.

Charda's words:
I wanted to let you know that my life is too hard for me now. I no longer have the resources necessary (car is one)to fight through.  I do not have the support I once had. So I feel I have no other
choice but to go into hospice and stop dialysis. I have lived on dialysis for going on 10 years now. I had hoped for a transplant but I cant do that either without support. 
It is sooner than I had hoped to go into hospice but sometimes people give you no other choice. Sometimes life isnt worth all it takes to go on when youre ill. I am barely well enough to drive myself to dialysis and dr. Appts. And the store and trying to do this on some bus then wait who knows how long? 
I just do not have the stamina for this way of getting around. Thank you for all the fun. Enjoy your lives you never know when it's going to be over.

One of Charda's neighbors, Karen, wrote to us:
Charda still lives in Laurelhurst and is at her wit's end with her misery. She is thinking of giving up dialysis and moving into hospice because she is tired of fighting for survival .  
She was rolling in her wheelchair by our house yesterday walking her dog Ginger and told me she would not survive a week without dialysis but was afraid she had no choice left.
Charda has been driving herself to have dialysis for 10 years . Her car broke down. She is in a wheelchair. Now she takes the bus and is about to give up. If a car makes all the difference there must be someone out there with a spare sitting in the garage and a good heart.

Contact Barbara Hawkins at oneracehuman@gmail.com or Karen Fies at karin.fies@gmail.com if you can help.

And Charda can be reached at 206-527-0661.

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