Friday, June 20, 2014

Incident Last Friday In South Laurelhurst Park

LCC let us know that they had received several inquiries from neighbors asking about what was going on in south Laurelhurst around 8:30pm last Friday, June 13th.  Many officers and canine patrols were seen walking a few block area. 

A Seattle Police Department spokesperson responded to LCC's inquiry saying:
I was able to review the incident that you speak of that occurred on 6/13/14. I obviously cannot go into great detail with what happened but what I can tell you is that the officers were present due to a situation that involved a homeowner who found two people in their backyard.  
The homeowner made contact with the people telling them that 911 has been called. The two people then left the property. SPD units conducted an area check which led to negative results.
For future inquires, I wanted to share our 911 incident response map. It gives you the ability to see an ongoing snapshot of events within Seattle. You are able to filter times, locations as well as incident on the map.   
To protect the security of a scene, the safety of officers and the public, and sensitive ongoing investigation, these events will populate the map only after the incident is considered safe to close out.

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