Wednesday, June 4, 2014

High Schooler Seen Driving SUV Erratically With Possible Drunk Passengers Last Night

We received this email about a young driver seen in the neighborhood last night, Tuesday:
If there are any parents out there who own a fairly new SUV with a license plate starting with ACE and ending in 9 your high school age son was speeding erratically through Laurelhurst last night around 11 pm with a carload of his friends.
I got his license plate when he stopped to push his friend, who looked like he was drunk, out of the car around the 3400 block of 46th Ave NE, whooping and hollering, to knock on someone's door.  
I was out walking my dog and I saw the SUV speeding and skidding around near Webster Point with the boys being excessively loud.   
I was surprised when they drove on to 46th Avenue NE and stopped next to me and my dog, apparently urging one the boys to get out and approach my neighbor's house for some reason. 
The teenage boy who was driving looked right at me while he was stopped and smiled, totally unconcerned. I think that is what really irked and disgusted me--he didn't act like he was worried that he had been observed driving this way. I thought about calling the police, but I thought what a waste of police time a call like that would be.   
The driver, a kid, is not mature enough to have a drivers license, clearly. Maybe he is not a Laurelhurst kid.  I hope not actually. But clearly the kids knew someone that lives in Laurelhurst. I plan to ask my neighbors about it when I get a chance.

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Anonymous said...

While walking my dog,I, too, saw the same car and young male driver, drop off 2 girls in my block of 46th AVE NE between NE 54th and NE 50th. He then "gunned it' down 46th Ave toward Laurelhurst Park at a great rate of speed. It was a good thing no one was crossing the street at the time.