Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Resident On NE 41st Street Near Beach Club Vandalised For Fourth Time

We received this email following Monday's post about another car break-in :
We live on NE 41st Street, close to NE 50th street at the top of the street leading to the Beach Club. My husband's car was vandalized earlier this month as well.  Someone smashed and destroyed the rear view window on the driver's side, knocking it completely off the car.  They also appeared to have attempted to break in to the driver's side door, as the key area was also severely damaged.   
This is the 4th time in one year that we have had serious vandalism to either our cars or home.   We've only lived in Laurelhurst less than 2 years and have never had this kind of problem anywhere else. 
This is getting really old and expensive.  Are there any other steps that are being taken to protect our neighborhood?  We have filed police reports each time and subscribe to the Laurelhurst Security Patrol.  But we feel increasingly vulnerable as the damage level seems to be escalating.  We do not have a garage or driveway to park in, so it is very difficult to protect ourselves.





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