Monday, April 14, 2014

Help Design Pictograms For New Sound Transit Stations

Pictograms representing Sound Transit Link light rail and Mexico City Metro stations. Photo: Sound Transit

Sound Transit is currently developing pictograms for future Link light rail stations, including the nearby UW  Station, closest to Laurelhurst

The information says:
A pictogram is an icon that conveys meaning through its pictorial resemblance of a physical object. Pictograms are used on Sound Transit's Link light rail station signage and way-finding materials. Paired with station names, they help identify stations and the surrounding neighborhood. 

Share your ideas by completing this questionnairelisting up to three adjectives to describe each station area, up to three landmarks that represent the areas and, cutting to the chase, describing what image would make a good pictogram for the stations and why.

Sound Transit plans to start service in 2016 to Capitol Hill and the University of Washington, in Seattle, and Angle Lake Station, in Sea-Tac; and in 2021 to the U District, Roosevelt and Northgate.

(photo courtesy of Sound Transit)

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