Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hear the Chorus Of Frogs At Maguson Park

A Blog reader sent us this information about Magnuson Park's famous "Pacific Chorus Frogs" that are now out:

Visit Magnuson Park in the evening when it's warm to hear a chorus of ribbits from tiny frogs. The frogs are either green or brown with a black stripe running from its nose though its eye down its shoulder. It has suction pads on its toes for climbing. 
The frog's rapid life cycle allows them to live in ephemeral ponds that dry up in late July, like the Frog Pond at Magnuson Park. 
Magnuson has one of the city's largest populations of Pacific chorus frogs (Pseudacris regilla) or Pacific treefrogs (Hyla regilla). Scientists can't agree on the appropriate name for the species.  
Listen for the sounds in the park after dark as the frog mating season continues.  Enter at NE 65th and go straight to the water. 
(photo courtesy of Wikipedia)


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