Monday, February 10, 2014

Several Houses Burglarized Near Laurelhurst Elementary On February 1

We received this email:
On Saturday, February 1st between 6-10pm, several houses on 47th Avenue NE between NE 47th Street and NE 50th Street were robbed. One was through an unlocked double-hung window slightly open at the top and accessed through a backyard patio. The other was a forced entry through a basement door. The homes were not ransacked.
Around 9:15pm that same day, we saw a suspicious-looking guy in a hoodie start up our drive and then cross the street and go up another driveway when he saw someone looking out the window.

We called 911 and they said they would do an area check. I know at least two reports were filed. The police told one of our neighbors that they had four calls on the block.

Another burglary was also reported in the 5100 block of 48th Avenue NE on the same day.

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