Thursday, February 20, 2014

Register Now For Variety OF Adult Fitness Classes Offered At Laurelhurst Community Center

Here is the list of Adult Fitness classes underway or starting next week at the Laurelhurst Community Center. 

To register go here, call the Community Center at  206-684-7529 or stop  by the Center at 4554 NE 41st between 9-1pm.
Ages 18 and older
This class features light weights, isometric and is easy on the joints. The class consists of exercises done at the barre and floor and incorporates Pilates, yoga, weights, stretching, and intense muscle work to fatigue. All levels welcome. No class 1/17or 2/14.
Instructor: Laura Martin
□□#111060 2/18-3/25 Tue 10:30-11:30 am $90
□□#111062 2/28-3/28 Fri 9:30-10:30 am $75
Ages 18 and older
We lose muscle and bone density as we age. Reset your metabolism and gain muscle/bone mass with this interval workout. Body weight exercises, weights, bands, and gliders all
work to help you regain lost strength. A class for any level but will have knee bending (which can be modified). No class 1/20..
Instructor: Laura Martin
□□#111066 2/24-3/24 Mon 10-11 am $75
Ages 18 and older
The class includes upper and lower body exercises and balance techniques. Participants must have taken beginner class to register for intermediate/advanced class.
Instructor: Laura Martin
□□#111071 2/18-3/25 Tue 9:30-10:30 am $90
Ages 18 and older
This class is Pilates with more variations and a faster pace. We will use magic circle, bands, and light weights.
Instructor: Laura Martin
□□#111073 2/20-3/27 Thu 10-11 am $90
Ages 16 and older
Come ready to have a blast! Zumba ® is a Latin inspired dance-fitness class that incorporates both Latin and international music. Getting in shape was never this fun! This class can be tailored to meet individual needs, so even if you don’t know how to dance you will still have fun and meet your fitness goals!
Instructor: Gabriela Hansen
□□#112843 2/19-3/26 Wed 6-7 pm $66
Ages 16 and older
Beginning Yang style short form. Come and learn this “internal” Chinese martial art which promotes health by reducing bodily tension and stress, improves balance and coordination, increases joint flexibility and calms the mind.
Instructor: Mark Johnson
□□#111119 2/19-3/26 Wed 7-8 pm $66

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