Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Magnuson Open House Tonight On Upcoming And Ongoing Developments

An open house event showcasing several new developments within Magnuson Park’s historic district is being held tonight from 5-7pm in the newly renovated Officer’s Club, Building 30 at Magnuson Park, hosted by Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Magnuson Park Advisory Committee and Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange (SPACE).

The information says:
What Does 2014 Hold for Warren G. Magnuson Park?
Please join us and enjoy a birds-eye view of Magnuson Park’s historic district and all the exciting new developments taking shape.   This is also an opportune time to meet and connect with other partners and tenants of the park.

Representatives will be on hand with drawings, plans and information on the following projects:

Building 9: Previously owned by the University of Washington, this beautiful dormitory-style building sited along Sand Point Way is now in the hands of the Washington State Department of Commerce. In anticipation of it being redeveloped as approximately 200 units of work force housing, the State Legislature devoted $14 million of taxpayer funding to the project in 2013.
Building 18: The old firehouse is about to undergo structural stabilization so that a public or private partner can then fully redevelop and activate this Main Street building.
Building 30: If you haven’t yet been in the newly renovated Building 30, and particularly the previously vacant west wing, you are in for a treat. Representatives from S.M. Stemper Architects will be on hand to discuss the special considerations and challenges inherent in working on an old military building and how they worked to retain the building’s defining features.
Building 406 (The Brig): Learn about some improvements being made to the building to allow better accesibility for clients and staff of Outdoors for All.
Building 11: Magnuson Park is now also the new campus of the Seattle Waldorf High School! Come see their plans which are turning 13,000 square feet of an old U.S. Navy workshop into a beautiful environmentally-oriented school serving 80+ students.
Building 11: Cascade Bicycle Club, the country’s largest bicycling club, is intending to grow from their current offices into a new Cycling Center and bicycle destination in Building 11. See their plans and vision for the space.
Building 2: Despite a $27 million estimated cost for redevelopment, this large, historically significant and unique building holds great potential. Come envision a future for Building 2 that serves the public through partnerships.
Vets Restore: 4Culture will be on hand to share information about the second year of their program, Vets Restore, a program offering training, mentoring, and job placement guidance for returning veterans in preservation carpentry.

The historic district of Magnuson Park continues to evolve from its origins as a former U.S. Navy base to an environmentally friendly campus of diverse organizations. Current projects in the pipeline include those with the Washington State Department of Commerce, Cascade Bicycle Club and the Seattle Waldorf High School and include the creation of 200 units of workforce housing, a Cycling Center, a bicycle destination spot and a new high school. Five buildings in the district have recently, or soon will be, undergoing significant changes and will be the focus of the event.
On the heels of the successful re-opening of Building 30, S.M. Stemper Architects will also be on hand to discuss the challenges and strategies used in that preservation project.
Participants can also gather information on improvements and partners for Building 9, Building 18, Building 406 (The Brig) and Building 2. 4Culture will be on hand to share information about their Vets Restore program that offers training, mentoring and job placement guidance for returning veterans.
For more information or questions about the event please contact Julianna Ross at 206-245-5457 or julianna.ross@gmail.com. For more information about the park please visit http://www.seattle.gov/parks/Magnuson/.

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