Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Check Out New "Colorful Seattle" Book Published By Local Author


Laura Lahm,  a local author, wanted to let the community know about the recent publication of her book,  Colorful Seattle – Explore & Color, geared towards children with whimsical illlustrations of many favorite location around the City, the cloest one being a view of the Burke-Gilman trail from Metropolitan Market.
Laura, who lives in Wallingford, told us that her book "encourages exploration of Seattle and creative coloring. We provide the lines you create the art!"
The book, printed on high quality one-sided, perforated paper, contains a map of Seattle and a two-page index, including a brief description and links for each of the 28 locations featured, including the Arboretum,  University District Farmers Market, Gas Works Park, Fremont Troll, Woodland Park Zoo, Space Needle, Olympic Sculpture Park, EMP Museum , "Hat n’ Boots” statue , Kubota Garden,  Fishermen’s Terminal and others.

Laura got the idea for the book from traveling and visiting friends around the world, always trying to think of an interesting souvenir to give as a gift from Seattle.
She said:

The idea of the book came to me after visiting friends around the world and having limited gifts that showed the true colors of Seattle. “I’d always tell little kids that a troll lived not too far from my home and they would never believe me!”

I’d pack along the appropriate Fran’s or Theo chocolates for the adults but when it came to children’s gifts I could only find a few items that truly showed Seattle. Many people know the Space Needle (which we love  and graciously adorns our front cover!) but more importantly this vibrant city has some much unique spirit that is hard to convey.
Think of places like Oxbow Park’s “Hat n’ Boots” sculptures, Kubota Garden, The Center for Wooden Boats, Fishermen’s Terminal and the list goes on. So I spent over a year creating “Colorful Seattle – Explore & Color” to fit that need of capturing the local favorites but also highlight the hidden gems of Seattle.

Also, the spirit of the book is not just a coloring book, but to get out and explore! Take a look at the map and find someplace that you’ve never been before - - check out the neighborhood, find a new coffee shop, see something that is out of your normal routine. You have to admit when you see the humongous boots at Oxbow Park it just brings a smile to your face!

I decided on the list of illustrations by looking at what makes this city so unique. I had a bit longer list that what is included here, but I spoke to many people of all ages to decide what they like in order to narrow it down. Once I decided on the list, I then worked with each location to obtain the appropriate approval to be included in the book.


Colorful Seattle – Explore & Color was featured last month in the Seattle Times' Sunday Market Section.
Laura told us that even though the book is enjoyed by children, adults are giving it as gifts to visitors and also to help in exploring Seattle's sites for themselves.
The book is currently available at nearby City People's and Metropolitan Market.

 view of Burke Gilman trail from Metropolitan Market

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