Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Neighbor Concerned About Residents Clogging Drains By Putting Leaves Into Streets

We received this email:

Please post my concern about homeowners and renters blowing or raking the leaves from their lawns into the streets.
This potentially blocks the drains and causes potential problems.-including flooding and leaves going down drains and affecting our salmon and water quality. Potentially, if leaves fill too many drains, our rates will go up to pay City Utilities for cleaning them out.

Here is what SDOT says one should do with your fallen leaves.

And here is additionalinformation from Seattle Government's Department of Transportation, Street Maintenance Program for Leaf Cleanup and Removal:

Property owners are responsible for removing and disposing fallen leaves on their property and from the sidewalks adjacent to their property. Seattle Department of Transportation Street Maintenance crews perform limited leaf cleanup in the fall in areas with the most street trees.


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Anonymous said...

It's actually illegal to move leaves from your property or the sidewalk into the gutter or the street because it does cause clogged storm drains and could lead to flooding. Please compost your yard waste. Thanks!