Friday, December 6, 2013

More Car Prowls Reported Throughout Neighborhood

Here are more emails we have recieved about recent car prowls:

We live on  the 4300 block of  NE 42nd Sreett. and our unlocked car was also prowled on November 25th between 4pm and 8am on Nov 26th. Thieves made off with change from the ashtray, registration documents, a set of house keys and key fob and keys to the rooftop box of our car.
We immediately had our locks rekeyed. Strangely, and luckily, they didn't take anything from the trunk. 

Our car is usually locked but in a moment of distraction, it was unlocked the night of the prowl. We also typically don't have our keys in the car but had just returned from the airport and forgot them in the console.

Here is another email:

We live on the  3300 block of 46th Avenue NE and one of our vehicles that was unlocked, due to the lock being broken, was parked in our driveway and was broken into.
We found a neighbors empty wallet and a drivers license in our car.  A neighbor was happy to get these back and

reported a day earlier their debit card was found at a gas station.

Another neighbor, who also had a car back door not locking, had their car prowled which was parked in their driveway.   .
Our incidents were the same day

The car browler left a mess of glove box items strewn throughout car. Mess is what alerted us to a car prowl.

And another email received: 

I would also like to report that my car was locked car was broken into a few weeks ag  during the night while my car was parked in front of my house on the 4300 block of 43rd Avenue NE.
Unfortunately I had forgotten to remove a shopping bag containing several valuable items and this was stolen. Worse yet an extra master key was in the glove box and this was also taken necessitating a rekeying of my car which insurance would not cover.  

The car was locked. I'm careful to always lock the car and never knowingly leave anything of value in the car ... but that night I forgot the shopping bag in the back.

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