Wednesday, December 11, 2013

House Break-In With Many Items Stolen Near Boulevard Last Week

We received this email:

Last Friday, sometime during 9:45 am and 1:15 pm, our house was broken into on NE 41st Street, near the Boulevard. 
I normally work at home, but was out running errands, and when I came back, I noticed the disarray and called police.

The thieves broke a small window in our basement storeroom, ransacked our master bedroom and guest bedroom, and stole jewelry, watches and our e-readers, using my husband's large silver backpack to haul everything out of the house.
We do not have an alarm system - but we'll be getting one now. Living right on NE 41st and a busy alleyway, we'd wrongly assumed that with so much traffic, we wouldn't get hit. But then we did. Right in broad daylight.

If anyone noticed anything around that time, please call Seattle Police referring to incident number 13-438118.
The police officer who came to our house said that they get two "false alarms" every day in Laurelhurst and that some of those might be attempted break-ins.

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