Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Villa Holding Free Kindergarten Readiness Event Tomorrow night

Villa Academy (5001 NE 50th Street) is hosting a  free public event with a panel discussing Kindergarten readiness tomorrow night from 7-9pm.

Amanda, one of the coordinators of the event told us that "as you may know, many parents are choosing to extend their child's preschool experience in order to be better prepared socially, emotionally and academically for kindergarten. This panel of local education experts will discuss options including the pros and cons of an additional preschool year." 

The information says:

Kindergarten: Ready or Not: A Panel Forum on Kindergarten Readiness
Kindergarten has changed dramatically since we were kids and more than ever parents are wondering”what does it mean to be ready for kindergarten?”
Join us for an evening with experts who can help you understand what a kindergarten-ready child looks like and under what circumstances one should consider extending the time a child spends in pre-K program.
Panelists will include Villa Lower School Director, a Parent Educator and Consultant, and the Villa Pre-K Lead Teacher.
The panel will discuss academic, social, emotional, and developmental aspects of kindergarten readiness.  This session is designed for any parent whose child is approaching kindergarten.


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