Friday, November 8, 2013

Family Wetlands Walk At Magnuson On Saturday


The Magnuson Community Center, through the Magnuson Nature Programs, is having its last "Family Wetlands Walk" for this year, on Saturday from 10-11:30am.

The fee is $3 per person individual or $7 for a /family.

Call the Magnuson Community Center at 206-684-7026 to register. The walk will start in the #E-5 parking lot and meet at the Central Wetlands Complex entry trail

The information says:


Morning is an exciting time to be in the wetlands, as it’s the time when songbirds, frogs, and other wildlife begin to move around the wetlands, foraging for food and calling to one another. In the growing season from spring to fall, each month brings dramatic changes to wetland plant, animal, and bird life, and always seem to have a few surprises in store! We keep a pace that is comfortable for children, and supply binoculars and other exploration supplies for children and adults. Come join the fun!

Explore the wetland trails to see the who/what/where of daytime wetland wildlife, including birds, tree, frogs, dragonflies, and aquatic insects and tadpoles in pond water samples. Binoculars, ID guides, and other supplies provided.

The leaders are Magnuson Nature Docents, Nature Educators, Seattle Audubon Master Birders and other special guests.

For more information go here.

(picture courtesy of Magnuson website)

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