Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Several NE 45th Street Businesses Burglarized

We received this email from Crystal, the owner, of Violet Sweet Shoppe (3614 NE 45th Street):

Monday night, my bakery Violet Sweet Shoppe,was burglarized as well as an office in the building across the street. On Sunday, two other businesses on my block were also burglarized with major damage and substantial loss.

While the police officers were taking my report this morning, they mentioned that they would increase patrol of the area. I'm asking the community to report any suspicious behavior immediately. Also, much of what is being stolen is paperwork, invoices, licenses, and files. I imagine crooks are just looking for credit card numbers and tossing whatever they'd out want. 

If anyone finds any piles of candy catalogs and invoices for flour and chocolate, I would love to have them back.

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