Monday, September 30, 2013

Windy Weather Knocks Down Enormous Limbs From Huge Trees In The Park Over The Week-End, And Today Large Branch Falls On Car Blocking 46th Avenue NE

The windy, stormy weather over the week-end resulted in some very large tree limbs breaking off trees and falling to the ground at the Park.

And just a few hours ago a large branch fell on a Laurelhurst Elementary School teacher's car and blocked 46th Avenue NE temporarily until Seattle Public Schools came to cut up the tree and remove it from  the car and the road.

Here are pictures of a enormous branch that fell from a tree on the north east side of the Park yesterday.

And here are pictures of another large branch that fell from a tree near the Community Center and playground yesterday:


And pictures of a large branch that fell onto a car on 46th Avenue NE today blocking the car and shattering the windshield:

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