Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Suspicious Person On Porch Of Home On 42nd Avenue NE

A neighbor sent us this email a possible attempted break-in at her home:

At 1:40 pm on Wednesday, September 11, I  went to leave my house on 42 Avenue NE and I opened the door and a man was on my porch by the side window. I live up numerous stairs.
I asked him what he was he doing. And he said "looking for painters." I said "You are at the wrong house. Leave!"

The man started arguing with me and I said "Get off my property now! I will call the police!"
He left and got into a truck in front of my house and there were two cars also there.  I asked the driver what he wanted and he said my address after reading it on my garage.  Then I said "Leave!" 

Then they came back after I left because I was watching around the corner. I went and and asked the driver of the car what he wanted and he said he did not know.
I called and reported this to the police.

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