Thursday, September 19, 2013

Small Black Car Again Seen Involved In Stealing Packages On Ivanhoe Place

We received this email:

On Friday afternoon, 9/6, I had a blonde, pony-tailed teenage girl appeared on my front porch on Ivanhoe Place. She was carrying a package and at first I thought that she was a neighbor who was bringing me a package that was delivered to their address in error.  
When she saw that I was home and was approaching the front door, she ran up my driveway and jumped in a small black car that was waiting for her. She did NOT take the large package on my porch that had been delivered that afternoon. They brazenly continued their heist by driving their car past a few more houses and she jumped out and approached another house, then jumped in the car with another package.  
It took me awhile to figure out what was happening, but I attempted to run down the street after them. I yelled at them, but they sped off and turned right onto Sand Point Way. I was sorry to not be able to get a license plate number.

Here is another email received:
Well, the other person you posted about isn't the only one who lost a package on Friday, Sept 6th. I did and didn't know it. but the story is kind of funny. I went down to Eileen Fisher on Monday because they hadn't called to tell me a dress was in, which I thought was odd. They checked. It was sent to my address rather than the store and it was delivered on the above Friday. They ordered another one.  
On Thursday, an Hispanic woman of my stature but about 4 inches shorter, came in to return it. They knew it was a stolen article and tried to keep long enough for security to get there, but she left. She had my receipt in her hands but messed it up and then wanted a gift certificate--apparently they can be sold. I usually mail things to my office to avoid these sorts of things.

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