Friday, September 27, 2013

More Suspicious Solicitors In The Neighborhood

Here is email we received regarding solicitors in the neighborhood:

On Labor Day afternoon, September 2nd, a young black woman approached our front door on Ivanhoe Place. She immediately seemed startled when I opened the door and stepped down from our porch and spoke so softly about selling magazines that I could hardly hear her.
When I asked her for her credentials, she pulled several pages of documents our of her purse and handed them to me. I was only able to read something about some business in the State of Georgia. When she grabbed the papers back, one of the sheets tore a little and she was mad at me and left in a huff. She walked next door and knew that I was watching her. When I told her to leave the neighborhood, she yelled back, "God Bless" and kept on going.

Here are emails received in response to the posting about the solicitor on the 3800 block of 45th Avenue NE: 

A guy with the same description knocked on our door (4300 block of 50th Avenue NE) in April of 2011. He was selling the same magazine subscription. When I said "No thank you" he got verbally abusive, angry and rude. We had just moved into the neighborhood after 10 years of living in Columbia City and the most schocking thing is that I have seen this guy several times before hanging out in the parking lot (away from the store) of the Lowes on Rainier Avenue South. He would carry an empty gas canister and ask the Lowes patron who had parked nearby for money for gas. Again, when he was turned down, he was verbally abusive and threatening. I have been solicited by him at least three times there. The experience of having the same guy turn up at my door in Laurelhurst was not expected at all and I was quite shaken by that experience.
We saw this guy too, on 47th Avenue NE and NE 36th Street.  We called the off duty cop but he didnt answer. I thought it was strange when he saw me through the window from the street, then skipped our house. He knocked on our neighbors door and snooped around a bit on the porch before going across the street

I hope you will remind all Laurelhurst neighbors to call the police EVERY SINGLE TIME they see something suspicious or have a rude solicitor. The police cannot help us unless we report these things. Several police officers have told me the following, "The more we report, the more police protection our neighborhood will get."  Please call the police along with informing the blog!


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