Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Suspicious Solictor Near Laurelhurst Elementary School

We received this email from a neighbor:

I live a few blocks from Laurelhurst Elementary. A young man came to the door on Friday, September 20, soliciting for an anti-gmo corn and soybean group. When I told him I was not interested he continued to press the issue. Finally when I told him I supported their efforts but could not contribute he very aggressively exclaimed that I clearly didn't support their cause and sprinted away.
The way he handled the situation was just very odd. I tried to remember the group name, but nothing came up on a quick web search, which definitely increased my concern. A neighbor brought up this black Prius and I thought I'd put this online to see if anyone else has experienced this sort of thing. He wore a blue waterproof jacket with yellow letters on the back that read "washPING" or something similar. Something to keep an eye out for.


Anonymous said...

He was from WashPIRG.

Anonymous said...

Hey was from he was ligit and yes a bit wierd. I don't believe he was a threat. :)