Friday, August 16, 2013

Two More Reports Of Packages Stolen From Porches

Here is email we received from a Blog reader:
Unfortunately,  we also have stolen packages to alert the neighbors about. Sometime between 1pm and 6pm on Wednesday, August 14th, we had 2 packages stolen from our porch on 42nd Avenue NE.
These packages had already been shipped by the time we saw the warning about the packages stolen from another neighbor on Friday. They contained Restoration Hardware kitchen knobs and pulls, and curtains from Pottery Barn.  We called Restoration and told them what happened and they have graciously offered to re-send us the items. 
If anyone happens to spot these items disposed of somewhere in the neighborhood please, please contact the Laurelhurst blog at
I'm not particularly hopeful that these will turn up, but if perchance someone does spot them and respond to the blog, please please let me know.

We just moved into the neighborhood recently and had purchased these items to help settle into our new home and are so sad this happened.

Here is another email received from a different neighbor:

We had a package stolen off of our porch today too. It was delivered a few days ago and because of it's size and weight I was waiting to bring it in the house. Now it is gone. Amazing! Especially because this package is so heavy. What are others doing when this happens? Call the police?


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