Monday, August 12, 2013

Propsed Bike Track On NE 65th Street Concerns Neighbor, Mayor Town Hall Tonight

Bicycle Track on NE 65th Street
The Seattle Department of Transportation has proposing a "cycle track, "a section of roadway, 12-15" wide, physically separated by a barrier from motor vehicle traffic and distinct from the sidewalk" on NE 65th Street from Green Lake Way To Sand Point Way NE.  

If built it would make 65th Street one lane in each direction without turning lanes as well as take away street parking between 20th Avenue NE and 35th Avenue NE. There is already a cycle track on NE 65th Street between Sand Point Way and the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Mayor Mc Ginn is holdin a Town Hall tonight on the issue at the Ravenna Community Center (6535 Ravenna Avenue NE) from 6:45-8pm tonight to hear concerns and answer questions.
A Blog reader sent us his thoughts on this proposed cycle track:

Between  20th Avenue N.E. and 35th Avenue N.E., buses would stop in the trafflc Iane. 
Riders would have to cross the cycle track to get on or off and likely queue in it. Rush hour trafñc that now uses two lanes would be squeezed into one lane in each direction. The traffic flow would stop behind any stopped vehicle, that is, vehicles turning left, buses loading or unloading; garbage pickup; accidents etc.  
There would be no curb lane to  get around them; right turning; vehicles would stay in the queue to the intersection, rather than separate out early. Expect long daily traffic jams and some impatient motorists to detour to residential streets. Vehicles now parking on NE65th Street would also shift to residental side streets.  
Businesses in that area would be affected by the loss of parking on NE 65the Street from 20th Avenue NE to 35th Avenue NE.
You can download a complete PDF of the draft plan here. The appendices are located here and the proposed network map is here. Additional maps, open house boards and presentations are on the BMP Update web page here.

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