Monday, August 26, 2013

More Stolen Packages Reported Throughout Neighborhood

Neighbors have reported more stolen packages recently.

Here are emails we have received:
I would like  to add my two missing UPS packages to the list of stolen neighborhood deliveries. The packages were apparently delivered last Friday, August 16th,  around noon to my home on 41st Avenue NEand NE 41st Street. My neighbors either keep an eye out or will pick things up for me while I am at work, so I wasn't too worried when my package seemed late. 
I learned that none of my neighbors had picked up my package, but alerted me to the recent rash of stolen packages in our neighborhood. The company was gracious enough to re-send my items to my work address. Just a heads up! Pay attention to your package tracking. I wish I had!
Another email:
Please tell all neighbors to call the police to report stolen packages. I have been told numerous times by Seattle police officers that the more we report crimes, suspicious cars, suspicious people, etc... in our neighborhood, the more we will get police coverage.  The biggest reason our police protection is so small in our neighborhood is because so few crimes/suspicious things are reported in our neighborhood. The more we call, the more coverage we get.
Another email:
Just wanted to let you know that I had a package stolen off my porch August 19th,  around 2:30pm. I live on 43rd Avenue  NE cross street 35th. It was a small package.
Another email:
Thanks again for all you do for the neighborhood. We really appreciate all the time it takes to put out this great blog. Unfortunately, I need to add to the number of packages stolen. One was delivered on Wednesday, August 15th, and was gone when I got back from a quick errand. We live on 50th Avenue NE, down from the park
Another email:
I have a friend in Redmond who caught this package thief on camera at his house, so I wanted to see if it is the same person.  This guy was out painting house numbers on the curb and using that as cover to steal packages.   The thief has been hired by his neighbors to paint house numbers on the curb. He tracked down the guy and got his documents back.
Another comment:
We are so sorry to hear about the packages being stolen. We ship all the time for our family corporation and some of the things we do to help make certain the packages arrive safely - 1) Ship  the package go to your place of business 2) Ask the sender to indicate that an adult signature is required 3) Have the package held at the UPS or FedEx location nearest your address. In general, we try to never use our home address for much of anything. Even our luggage tags on our suitcases when we travel have the business address.

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