Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Neighbor Reports Suspicious Activity Thursday Night

A Blog reader sent us this information about an incident last Thursday night, June 27th:

I live on 42nd Avenue NE, cross street NE 41st Street, and at 1AM on Thursday, June 27th, I was looking out my window and a car with loud music was parked across the street in front of a house for sale.  The car had its headlights on aimed at the front of the house with the front of the car almost on the parking strip blocking the street.  The car was in this sideway position with the engine running. 
Then another car came along after 10 minutes later and could not get by.  The car then went forward and back until it was able to drive away.  The suspicious car had to pull forward and then back up to point the car in the  north direction on 42nd Avenue NE, and then drove away. 
Several minutes later a guy in baseball cap came walking down the street on a cell phone, looking at houses and cars then he walked back and down the street again. 
It all seemed suspicious, as it did not look like the guy was looking for a friend because he was walking and on his cell phone and he was looking at houses and cars along the street.   He came back two times and then walked across NE 41st Street to the next block. 
The car  looked like a medium size dark colored SUV. 
The weird part was they had engine running and music and parked across road as though they were going to drive into the yard and into the house.  
I did not call the police but would have if I saw them trying to enter a car or house.  A house break-in would be hard to see with darkness and the bushes.

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