Monday, July 8, 2013

Local Birdist, Connie Sidles, Teaching Birding Class This Month On Wednesdays

Connie Sidles, local birding expert who maintains a blog reporting on the sightings at nearby Yesler Swamp, will be teaching a class "How Birds Work" this month on Wednesday starting this week from 1-2:15  at the Lifetime Learning Center (3841 NE 123rd Street) in Lake City.

The class description says:
People use tools and civilization to survive in the natural world. Birds have only themselves. Come along with master birder and author Connie Sidles as she takes you on a tour of bird's anatomy, showing how birds use their physical attributes to survive and thrive.  
With the help of bird skins from the Burke Museum, you'll learn about feathers, bills, feet, tails, eyes, ears, and other bird parts that allow birds to be perfectly adapted to their environment. After this series of hands-on classes, you'll never look at birds the same way again.
Lifetime Learning, is located just off Sand Point and Lake City Way, and since 1981 has been offering daytime, non-credit college-level courses in a wide range of subjects taught by instructors who are retired academics, or current professionals and artists.

The community is welcome to sit in on any class you are interested in.  Just stop by the office first before the class.

For more information go here.


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