Monday, June 17, 2013

Free Health Lecture Tonight Called "Stop Stress From Sabotaging Your Health" At The Community Center

Laurelhurst Community Center is continuing is free Monday night health lecture series with a lecture tonight at 6pm called "Stop Stress from Sabotaging Your Health" at 6pm with Dr. Sierra Storm, a Nautorpathic Doctor.
The information says:

Do you feel overworked and overwhelmed? Do you experience back or knee pain? Do you have trouble falling and staying asleep, and experience an energy slump in the afternoon that leaves you desperate for sugar or coffee? Have you begun to put on weight around your mid-section? These are signs that your stress levels are taking a toll on your health! Learn how to beat the stress cycle and restore your energy, decrease body pain, and improve your sleep!

The Monday health series are free and registration is not required.
Dr. Storm, graduated from Bastyr University last year, and her private clinic, Natural Medicine for Sustainable Health (3513 NE 45th Street,) above Chloe Bistrot, is located in Laurelhurst. Her specialities are diet and nutrition, allergies, weight management, chronic fatigue and neck and shoulder pain. In addition, she has had training in Applied Kinesiology and Biotherapeutic Drainage. Dr. Storm is also the co-founder and medical director of the Fruition Reset Program, a 21-Day wellness program focused on transforming health from the inside out in three weeks or less.

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