Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Burglary In The Neighborhood Just East Of The Park

A Blog reader sent email about a recent burglary on 48th Avenue NE, between NE 42nd Street and NE 42rd Street, just east of the Park. He writes:

I was out walking my dog on Friday, June 21st, along the park when I saw two police cars at a lovely home on 48th. A family with two young boys outside talking to two police officers.
I had to ask if it was a robbery. They were robbed this morning. Went through window and out the back door. 
When we were chatting with the police officer they said they thought the robberies were dying down but now they are having almost 3 break-ins a day, not just Laurelhurst, but also Windermere, Sand Point, Inverness, etc.
So a reminder to us all, turn your alarm on, it seems to help. Also, keep your eyes open for anything that looks unusual or suspicious. If anyone can shed more light on the situation, please pass it along and contact laurelhurstblogger@gmail.com.  
The more we know, the sooner we can maybe put an end to this.  The police did reinforce turning alarms on.

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