Monday, May 13, 2013

Learn More About The City's RainWise Program At Workshop Tonight

Rain Garden In Laurelhurst

Seattle Public Utilities, Sustainable Seattle, and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. is holding a Rainwise workshop on Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Center for Spiritual Living (5801 Sand Point Way NE).

The Seattle Public Utilities RainWise program offers rebates for construction of rain gardens at private residences to control combined sewer overflows into Lake Washington during heavy rainfalls

The information says:

Your neighbors are getting reimbursements from Seattle Public Utilities for installing beautiful and functional landscape features in their yards! You can too. 
Learn the steps to installing a RainWise rain garden or cistern, hear why homeowners in Northeast Seattle and Ballard decided to go RainWise, and have a chance to talk to the contractors that install rain gardens! 

Laurelhurst's first City approved "Rain Garden" was installed in October 2012 the 4700 block of 47th Avenue NE and was installed by Steve Appleyard, who owns Seattle Rain Gardens, and is a qualified contractor with the City.

The owner of the Laurelhurst rain garden, Mark, told us that the whole process takes about a week from start to finish and said that "It was easy and professionally handled."

Part of Steve's work is assessing if your property qualifies which includes numerous design specifications. Steve told us that if a homeowner can qualify "it is a great way to get a free landscape improvement an help save Lake Washington!" 

For more information about the workshop, contact or Hannah Kett at

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