Thursday, April 11, 2013

Laurelhurst Mom's Business "MiMi Bug" Having Spring Kids Clothing and Accessories Show at Planet Happy On Saturday

MiMi Bug recent display at Planet Happy

Laurelhurst Mom and children's clothing and accessories designer, Ming-Ming Tung Edeleman, owner of MiMi Bug, is having a free special event at Planet Happy for kids four years of age and older on Saturday at 10:30am at Planet Happy (2914 NE 55th Street).
The information says:
Introducing a new fashion statement from MiMi Bug: functional children's apparel and accessories with a playful edge!
The line includes wrap around skirts, doll outfits, and now Design-Your-Own Hair Fashion Kits! Test out this new Kit and get a sneak peek into what's coming soonm plus take home a FREE MiMi Bug Friends Booklet!
Get 10%  off any MiMi Bug Kit at this event (or visit promo code: PH2013)
Ming-Ming designs her own line of children's apparel, doll apparel and a match-with-me doll clothing line, called Totally Me Artful Wear by MiMi Bug. 

The clothes have interchangeable ribbons and buttons for outfits and thus "kids love the endless fun ways to create unique looks with the ready-to-wear ribbons, buttons, skirts and tops," she told us.

"I have had such joy watching children along with their parents creating their unique looks by using my clothing line. It's a perfect balance between my artistic side and a precision side of me as a pharmacist," she added.




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