Monday, March 18, 2013

New Lights, Sidewalks, Bike Path and Video Detection System Help Make Crossing Sand Point Way Safer

Signal 1 ppt

The redesigned intersection at Sand Point Way NE and 40th Avenue NE has been completed, making it safer for pedestrians to cross the busy intersection as well as for vehicles making turns on to 40th Avenue NE off of Sand Point way.  The intersection includes a new traffic signal, left-turn lanes and crosswalks.

The intersection’s new signal stops traffic in all directions for pedestrians and cyclists.  A video detection system make sure the road is clear of pedestrians before the light turns green.  And if people clear the crossing early, the light changes soooner to allow vehicles to continue.

"The redesigned intersection provides a more direct path for transit riders who previously had to walk a considerable distance to safely traverse Sand Point Way at a signalized location" the Hospital Blog says.

A new sidewalk and bicycle path, which includes separate lanes in each direction, was also installed in front of the Hospital along the east side of Sand Point Way that links up with the redesigned intersection and runs from Penny Drive to 40th Avenue.

The Hospital Blog says that King County Metro "chipped" in to install two new bus shelters on both sides of the street.  Service was also extended to the hospital from three additional routes.

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