Friday, February 1, 2013

Children’s Hospital Patients Starring In Several Films During Children’s Film Festival Seattle

Alyse, with Children’s Hospital Public Relations, let us know that several Children's Hospital patients have a starring role in the Northwest Film Forum’s 8th annual Children’s Film Festival Seattle, which runs through Sunday.
The Children's Blog says: 
The festival will showcase more than 120 innovative, inspiring and fun films from 38 countries and touring in 20 cities. This year, five short films created by patients or featuring patients’ creative works have been selected to be shown at the festival.  
The films were all created as part of Children’s Healing Arts Program for patients, which includes the Not Now Program for young adults with cancer.  Children’s Healing Arts Program promotes growth, healing and provides psychosocial support by giving patients a voice in telling their stories through photography, film, music, writing and other creative arts. 
Mike Attie, video producer for Seattle Children’s and the Healing Arts Program said “It’s a real honor for everyone involved in these films to have them screened alongside other great films from all over the world.”
The films featuring Children's patients are:

·Chris Rumble’s “Stronger
·The Cat Immersion Project” starring Maga Barzallo Sockemtickem
·The Hidden Shadows of Cancer” featuring Ruby Smith’s photography
·Haunting: A Head” starring Jenna Gibson
·Sara Takes Her Leap into the Bone Marrow Sea” by Sara Mirabdolbaghi
The festival will also be brought to kids at the hospital as patients will have the opportunity to work with professional animators,Charlotte Blacker from England and Britta Johnson from Seattle, to make their own animated films
There will also be a kids’ jury of Children’s patients who will review the films and vote from the hospital and then award prizes for the best animated and live-action short films.
For more information and for screening times go here.

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